• TWF Magazine

    TWF Magazine was a frequent UK Gothic Magazine covering music lifestyle and fashion relevent to the Goth (and related) scenes.

    Having originally run from 1998-2001, TWF returned in 2004 in a full sized glossy format! It ran for 10 issues the last of which was released in 2008.

    At it’s peak, TWF was one of the biggest selling UK Gothic Publications, and sold many issues around Europe and the World.

    Most of the back issues are available for free download, click the ‘Back Issues’ tab and help yourself, of course many of the articles are out of date now – but it’s interesting to revisit the early days of some of these bands.

    Kev, who ran TWF, has a radio show on www.1radio.org and also club DJs in the North East of England – so promos etc. still go to a good use. He also did reviews/interviews/etc for Dominion Magazine during its existence. See our links or contact page for more info.

  • Issue 10

    issue10 1 216x300 - Issue 10Issue 10 – which was the last one we published – that it took a full year from the previous issue and didn’t land until Autumn 2007 was part of the problem.

    A touch of old school, we had Christian Death on the cover, alongside interviews with James Ray and Cassandra Complex

    Interviews also present with Voices of Masada, Uninvited Guest, Leandra, Zombie Girl, Jesus on Extasy, Ashbury Heights and Lucy’s Drowing.

    It also had a free CD.

    It is available for free download on the back issues tab

  • Issue 9

    issue9 212x300 - Issue 9

    Another chocker block issue, issue 9 landed in Autumn 2006

    Interviews with ASP (who were doing very well in Germany and about to make their first UK dates… they didn’t do so well)

    also interviews with… IAMX, Mortiis, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, I:Scintilla, Big Boy, The Dreamside, Gothika, Lahannya, Lost Area, Mand and Machines, Rhombus, Novus and Silene


    We can’t find the pdf for this one either, booo….

  • Issue 8

    issue08 209x300 - Issue 8

    Issue 8 had Emilie Autumn on the cover and landed Spring 2006

    It also contained interviews with Angelspit, Deathboy, Libitina, Earth Loop Recall, Crud, Ego Likeness, The Crystalline Effect, The LoveCrave and Nebelhexe

    It started to get a touch bigger…

    It also came with a free CD

    The issue can be downloaded on the back issues tab

  • Issue 7

    issue07 212x300 - Issue 7

    Issue 7 followed in Autumn 2005, the first issue to actually be released in an Autumn!

    The cover star was Betty Curse, who was signed to Island Records and had some rather catchy and poppy tunes.  She gained a lot of momentum at the time, but then Island decided to back other projects…

    Also in the issue, Miss 616, The Way of All Flesh, Siiiii, Trauma Pet and Lesbian Bed Death

    The issue is available for download on the Back Issues tab

  • Issue 6

    issue06 204x300 - Issue 6

    Issue 6 was very good for fans of Gene Loves Jezebel

    As well as an in depth interview with Michael Aston, there was also a very special GLJ CD exclusive to this release.

    Needless to say, copies flew out for this issue.

    Interviews also present with Pro-Jekt, Freudstein and deadfilmstar

    The issue was released in Spring 2006 and can be downloaded from the ‘Back Issues’ tab

  • Issue 5

    issue05 211x300 - Issue 5The Finnish theme carried on into Winter 2005 with cover stars The 69 Eyes.

    Interviews also present with Queen Adreena, Within Temptation, Action Directe, Zeitgeist Zero and Invading Chapel.

    This was also the first issue to come with a free CD.

    You can download the pdf (but not the CD !) from the ‘Back Issues’ tab

  • Issue 4

    issue04 207x300 - Issue 4Issue 4 was released in the Summer of 2005 (keep to quarterly is a nice idea, but very time consuming around day jobs etc)

    Cover stars were UK band Killing Miranda and there were also interviews with The Rasmus and Nightwish to coincide with the then wave of Finnish bands taking the UK by storm.

    Interviews also present with Mortiis, Pro-Jekt and Avoidance of Doubt

    This is issue is available for download on the ‘Back Issues’ tab

  • Issue 3

    issue03 205x300 - Issue 3

    Issue 3 was printed in Winter 2004, concluding our comeback year.


    It was also the first printed by Jasprint, given a higher quality print for the physical issues.

    It was the first to contain a musician as a cover star, Deita Klaus, plus also  included interviews with TCR, Attrition, Earth Loop Recall, Manuskript and The Venus Fly Trap

    Unfortunately a pdf can not currently be located.

  • Issue 2

    issue02 212x300 - Issue 2

    The second issue of TWF appeared in Summer of 2004

    Interviews with Living With Eating Disorders, Moonspell and Goldblade – plus a feature on Self-Injury awareness – made this one of our best selling and popular issues.

    Unfortunately, an original PDF cannot be found at this time, we are still looking.

  • Issue 1

    issue01 - Issue 1Issue 1

    Where it began – or, came back again.

    Interviews with Lacuna Coil, Cauda Pavonis, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Poisonblack and Libitina

    Originally published Spring 2004

    This issue is available to download on the ‘Back Issues’ tab